My first introduction to astrology was through the sun sign horoscopes in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat (I’m dating myself here) when I was about 8 years old. I have been hooked on astrology ever since and over the years have relied on astrology as a tool during many life transitions. In fact, it was during a Saturn cycle when I began my westward expedition heading from St. Louis to Colorado where I found some of the finest skiing in all the land. While in Colorado I also experienced my first Saturn return induced course correction.

This transition lead me to the University of Colorado for an undergraduate degree in Sociology and then on to the University of Denver where I earned a Master of Social Work degree. A few more Saturn cycles later with adjacent course corrections along my path and now I am living in Portland.

Louise weaves many rich experiences as a social worker, leadership coach, university teacher and “workplace therapist” consulting on the challenges of being human while earning a living into her perspective and practice of astrology. Understanding self and others through astrology can help folks navigate life’s teachings and learn valuable lessons along the way.

Hobbies – Life is my hobby. I am obsessed with Chopped, love to cook, read fiction and nonfiction, study Italian, bicycle, practice yoga, and listen to the Thomas Jefferson Hour on road trips while planning my next adventure.

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