Allora oggi . . . not many Americans like anchovies and who can blame them.  The stuff that we pass off as anchovies in the U.S. resemble the Italian version in name only.  Anchovies are wonderful when they are fresh and prepared by the skillful hands of Dina.  Last night our primi piatti was a bowl of spaghetti with triglia which in English is mullet – that’s a fish not a haircut.  Our secondi piatti were the most amazing anchovies lightly breaded and baked.  Along with the anchovies Dina served cicale di mare.  WHAT you may be asking yourself?  Cicale di mare is not just a lovely Italian word for some typical crustacean, actually for all I know cicale di mare may not even be a crustacean but it sure looked like one.  If you are wondering what the heck that is . . . so was I last night.  I have never seen cicale di mare before or eaten them.  Apparently cicale di mare is a typical dish from the Puglia region of Italy (that’s south down by the heel of the boot).  Sorry Giada – but Dina’s my new favorite Italian cook and BFF in the kitchen.