Allora oggi . . . Bobby Flay stopped by my house to say hello and I took the opportunity to tell him that I do not like his new television show. This of course was all in my early morning dream state – not sure why I would be dreaming about Bobby Flay or why I would be critiquing his new television show. Does Bobby Flay even have a new television show? Anyway, that is beside the point. His response to my critique was related to something about needing to do a show, to fill the television space, or some such rationale. Having a come back for nearing everything, I say to Bobby Flay, something about examples of really good television why would you chose to do something crappy thus adding to all the shit shows currently in existence. Seriously, all of this dialogue is in my dream. While Bobby is at my house, he shares with me a cooking tip using premade cookie dough. Really, premade cookie dough!? I don’t even consume premade cookie dough and I highly doubt that Bobby Flay has ever touched the stuff. Somebody (namely me) needs to cut back on their consumption of “Chopped”. After my cooking lesson with Bobby, he takes off, probably to someone else’s dream, and the rest of my dream is about an internal debate whether to blog about my interaction with Bobby Flay or post it on Facebook. That is all I remember, with the exception of laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe when retelling this story to my spouse. I wonder what Carl Jung would have to say about the dream . . . that will be my next post.