“. . . intention, out of which action comes.” Yeah, so I read that sentence this afternoon as I began my seated meditation. The other day while lunching with a new friend, she asked me how I filled my days. What an awesome question and one I’ll need to remember. Anyway, after my new friend asked this question she may have regretted it because I answered honestly and provided a blow-by-blow description of the content of my days. I shared with her how I spend time every day focused on Italian and I also revealed that I included on my to-do-list writing each day and that I actually never followed through with the writing. Her response was “what a great intention to have”. As I reflected on her earnest enthusiasm about my intention, I realized that yes it is a great intention and the other thing about intentions are that they have real power. It was intention that preceded me studying Italian; it was intention that preceded me traveling to Italy three times over the past four years so that I could immerse myself in the language and culture. It was intention that preceded a major move and downsize eighteen months ago. It was intention that preceded the Allora Oggi blog, it was intention that preceded most of everything that has occurred in my life since my first Saturn return, including today’s posting.