Allora oggi . . . after 15 hours of actual flying time, 45 minutes on a train then 2.5 hours on a bus I arrived in Siena Friday afternoon around 4:30 pm.  After a quick bite of black olive not the gross canned black olives but kalamata without the pungent brine flavor and gorgonzola cheese pizza, I was set to go.  In less than two hours of being in Siena, I had found the Furla store and no less than six shoe stores.  By the way, all the Italian women are wearing boots this summer, summer boots – who knew!  Jeans tucked into the most fabulous little boots.  Some boots are short and loosely fitted just above the ankle others are much taller similar to the equestrian style riding boot while a few boots are mid calf height, all are marvelous.  Not sure how boots would work in 110 degrees Fahrenheit but hey . . . it’s Italy.