So perhaps this particular early morning dream does not quite count as a premonition because it was just a matter of time . . . but the other morning I dreamt that I was attending a Bernie Sanders press conference where Bernie was expected to endorse Hillary Clinton. (This dream occurred the same morning that Bernie actually did endorse Hillary – crazy right!) Anyway, during my Bernie Sanders dream his staff were in attendance hovering and the overall mood was one of reluctant resignation. One recollection from the dream was about a campaign staffer describing how cruel and dreadful she needed to be when interacting with Bernie. Apparently, in my dream this particular staffer was responsible for pressuring Bernie into throwing in the presidential campaign towel. Part of the dream vibe around this scenario pertained to the staffer grumbling about how intense and extensive she had worked her strong-arm tactics in order to get Bernie to resign. This staff person was concerned that Bernie would not fall in line thus requiring more coercive methods on her part to cajole a resignation. This sounds more like a reoccurring dream (nightmare) Hillary would have been having over the past several weeks.

It is not that I believe this particular dream is all that remarkable and a bag of chips, but recently I have been reading Carl Jung’s work related to astrology, psychology and dreams. Some things I have always found fascinating about dreams are the frequent inability to remember them; the fragmented aspects and muddled scenes that constitute a dream; the unrelated content; and connections and personalities contained in the dreams.

For example, the final memory from this dream included a scene where Bernie and his wife are going down the road in the wrong direction, I think they were in a car but I do not actually remember. Anyway, a Harley Davidson type dude on a motorcycle coolly points them in the right direction. The motorcycle dude’s exchanges with Bernie and his wife would indicate that he does not know who they are. He (motorcycle dude) is just doing what motorcycle dudes do . . . give directions when someone needs them. I was down the road a bit as an observer of this particular scenario and I did not know the “dude” interacting with Bernie but I was thinking “how cool is that” the dude was talking with Bernie.

Maybe I can dream up a session with Doctor Jung and discover the psychological implications of this dream.