Initially this blog was created as an opportunity to document my experiences studying Italian while travelling and visiting Italy.  However, I have decided to expand the subject matter and keep a record of my experiences from both sides of the Atlantic.  Motivated by a couple of reoccurring thoughts, which include journaling and storytelling, I am getting off the fence and taking action.  Hmmm . . . taking action, perhaps action can be the undercurrent of these postings.

Allora oggi . . . okay maybe not EXACTLY today but recently I finished reading “The Character of Meriwether Lewis” a nearly 400 page book about Meriwether Lewis . . . of Lewis and Clark fame.  As nerding as this sounds, the book was fascinating and got me thinking about journals and documenting ones life experiences.  As the title of the book implies the content provides some insight into the character of Meriwether Lewis one of this country’s influential historical characters.  The material for the book was drawn from the journals kept by the men on the Lewis and Clark expedition (the Corps of Discovery) as well as letters written by and between other men and women living during the early 1800’s.  The letters and journals are the only documentation that provides evidence and descriptions about the first exploration into the newly acquired Louisiana territory.  The meager testimony got me thinking about written communication both then and now.

The first thought that comes to mind has to do with technology.  During the early 19th century it took months for a letter to reach its recipient and one could never be sure whether or not the correspondence reached its intended destination.  Contrast this uncertainty with our modern experience of communication where “Face Time” provides an opportunity to converse with another from across the globe.  Instantaneously I can talk with my son in Afghanistan and using AdobeConnect have weekly online Italian language lessons with a teacher from Italy.  Using Skype technology provides a chance to connect with a friend who lives so far away that it’s a different day of the week when we talk.