Allora oggi . . . so my enthusiasm about last week received a douse of cold water this morning, somewhat like my shower today.  For the past two days, the hot water heater where I am staying has not been functioning.  One day without a shower, in particular on the weekend, I can hang with that but beyond a day the spoiled American in me wants my hot water.  The sole reason I do not camp for more than a night or two is because of my addiction to hot showers . . . and blow dryers.

Okay back to the point of this post.  Teaching and learning.  As both a student and teacher of many topics over the years, I am still immensely fascinated by both sides of the chalkboard.  I have been the loved and hated teacher as well as being the student who loved and hated a particular teacher.  Without a doubt, my outlook about teaching has transformed as a result of being a student and a teacher.  Likewise, my expectations as a student have also altered as a result of teaching.  With that said, what makes for a good teacher?  By the way, I am looking for your responses.