Allora oggi . . . we stumbled upon the Romaeuropa Festival the other day and purchased tickets for one of the shows. Since my spouse/travel companion does not speak or understand Italian our options were a bit limited. Luckily, there was a dance performance scheduled for the next two evenings with an English title (Usualy Beauty Fails, that is not a typo) and well . . . generally dance does not have much dialogue anyway so it seemed a safe bet. We regularly watch So You Think You Can Dance and as a result fancy ourselves as quite the connoisseurs of a variety of dance styles including modern dance. This particular spettacolo (that’s Italian for show) was choreographed by a French Canadian named Frederick Gravel in the modern dance genre. The musical score was original and in English, the dancers were French Canadians, the choreographer spoke French intermittently throughout the performance while an Italian translated for the audience. Truly an international experience peppered with partial nudity . . . definitely reminding me that this wasn’t Kansas.